When words are successfully linked together they engage our attention, sustain our interest and dwell in our memory.

Not everyone has the time and the patience for writing. This is where I can help. If writing is not your strong point, or English is not your first language, I will work with you to produce well-written text that adds quality and credibility to your project.

I can find the right words, apply the grammar rules, insert punctuation marks, check the spelling and even organise the layout. In other words, I do the hard bit and you enjoyed the results.

I will help you make your writing:


The services I provide:


Proofreading is the vital last stage of review before your document is published or printed. It is the proofreader’s job to ensure clarity by correcting errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, and format.


Copyediting focuses on your document as a whole and can be carried out at varying levels of intensity. It is the copyeditor’s job to work with you to enhance your writing by addressing factual inconsistencies, reviewing content order, and maintaining consistent language and style.


Copywriting means that it is the copywriter’s job to work with your ideas and guidelines to write creative and effective text for your document or project. This is a useful service when you have limited time or are frustrated with the task.

Academic Writing Mentor

Many workers are required to up-skill to meet the demands of their profession. Returning to the classroom or undertaking extramural study can be daunting for people who have been away from tertiary study and it can be increasingly difficult when there is pressure to succeed in the shortest time at minimal cost.

Academic mentoring lets you learn writing and study skills from me as you do your assignments. For 25 years I have taught study skills to tertiary students, and authored the guides Helping adults to learn and Returning to study for Social Science students.

Research and Fact Finding

Give credibility to your writing by including a literature review or research findings.

I am a successful qualitative social science researcher and I can develop your research design, complete funding applications, write ethics proposals or conduct a background literature search on your topic. I am also adept at developing questionnaires and conducting in-depth interviews.

Programme Evaluation

The best way to attract participants and funders to your programme is to provide proof of its effectiveness.

I am a skilled independent evaluator. Ideally, evaluation should be included in the design of any new programme, but this does not always happen. I can identify key opportunities for evaluation and develop effective tools to gather this vital information.

Professional Supervision

All organisations strive for staff well-being. Regular supervision is a critical aspect of self-care as it improves professional practice. Supervision constructively addresses practice issues, provides professional support and enhances self-development.

I hold a postgraduate qualification in professional supervision and offer external supervision for staff working in the social services.

The benefits of my service:


I have over 25 years of writing experience including teaching academic writing and referencing, writing and editing academic and journalism articles for publication, creating promotional content for business, and streamlining instructional material for non-government organisations and education providers. I am an expert at APA referencing and familiar with other referencing styles. Good writing will make your projects more professional.


As a fresh set of eyes, I provide you with impartial and constructive feedback that is based on sound reasoning and objective consideration. This will improve the quality of your writing.

Professional and ethical practice

I am committed to producing content of the highest quality, assuring no risk of plagiarism, and maintaining strict confidentiality about the work I undertake for my clients. You can feel confident that your project is in safe hands.

Reliable and efficient service

Being in New Zealand, I have a time advantage and can work through your night. I provide you with a quick turn around to meet your deadlines.

Service tailored to your needs

Drawing from a repertoire of complementary skills and expertise, I apply a uniquely personal approach to every project I undertake. You can engage me at any stage of your writing, whether it is to inject inspiration into a stalled task, put the finishing touches on a draft document or manage a writing project from conception to completion. You enjoy the finished product without the stress of struggling with the words.

I specialise in non-fiction and academic writing, such as journal articles, abstracts, book manuscripts, funding applications, business documents, website content and personal history projects.

Donna Swift

Swift Solutions has been operating for over 20 years and in that time I have shared my love of words and writing with people from all walks of life and across various disciplines and industries.

I have a PhD in Social Anthropology from Otago University, New Zealand and a BSc (Honours) from Trent University, Canada. I have additional qualifications in editing and proofreading, professional supervision, adult education, and programme evaluation.

I am a published author in both academic writing and journalism, and an award-winning qualitative researcher. My background also includes international keynote presentations and corporate trainings. As a Principal Academic at Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology, New Zealand, I lecture on the Bachelor of Social Work and Counselling programmes.

Member of New Zealand Society of Authors.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your writing needs.


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